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Referenze e realizzazioni di Pantha

PANTHA was established in 1982.

The members share two passions: passion for the project as a cultural expression and passion for craft production that transforms wood, glass, metals and fabrics in unique items.

The hotel, where the need 'to express individuality is strongest , is the place where these passions can turn into reality.

Studio and production come together with activities geared exclusively to the hospitality industry with a turnkey service.

In 1994 PANTHA strengthened his production unit and increased management team with specific skills.

Since 1996 PANTHA also provided structural works and installations. As general contractor it assumes full responsibility of the work.

In 2005 the second generation joined the company with a background in construction project management.

In 2009 PANTHA increased its production and logistics area to 10,000 sq. m. and started a process of internationalization.
Pantha is at the forefront of technology and applied research on new materials, however, firmly maintains the link with its roots made of dexterity, experience, care, attention and passion.

In the team PANTHA there are new skilled profiles in turism industry management .

Today PANTHA is repository of knowledge, experience, professional skills, innovation and technology, but its philosophy has remained unchanged:

made in Italy.
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